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Who is LucentPay?

At LucentPay, we believe there is a better way to process payments. Payments are one of the least understood and least transparent aspects of a business’s services, and we see that as an opportunity to help businesses through education and great payment solutions. A more valuable, less confusing way where customers are earned rather than bought. We're obsessively passionate about it, and our mission is to help businesses achieve it. We focus on providing the best payment solutions, including our No-Cost-to-Biller™ fee model. We're excited to simplify payments for everyone through our full suite of solutions, PCI Level 1 technology, next day funding, software, education, and community.


No-Cost-To-Biller™ – Next Day Funding – Transparent Pricing – Online Payments

Credit Cards – Checks & ACH – Debit Card Only - BIN Blocking – Gateways - IVR - Text Payments



LucentPay is the leader in No-Cost-to-Biller™ payment processing and specifically designed to be compliant for federal law, state law and other regulatory bodies. Backed by a legal opinion letter, all payment types are accepted including Credit Cards, Debit Cards, and ACH. LucentPay’s fee model also allows all processing methods including phone payments (agent assisted), web payments, IVR payments and text payments.

Next Day Funding


LucentPay understands our client’s cash flow and remittance needs which is why we offer next day funding for both credit/debit card and ACH processing.




Merchant fees can be confusing, but understanding your bill is made easy with LucentPay’s transparent pricing. We do not charge upfront fees, and do not require long term contracts for any of our products.

Online Payments


Web portals have become more relevant as consumer adoption rates grow. Therefore every LucentPay client receives a free web portal.! No monthly fees and no transaction fees. Our options range from single payments, recurring, payment plans and debt negotiation.

Credit &

Debit Cards


We pride ourselves on providing clients with the best rates and a clear understanding of what they're paying for. The ability to process debit, credit, HSA and FSA cards with compliant technologies is why our solutions offer value to clients. 

Checks & ACH


Check & ACH processing have been  valuable payment options for decades.  Whether you're printing checks, lockbox payments, take ACH payments over the phone/WEB or convert them into check21, LucentPay can help your business.  

Debit Card Only &

BIN Blocking


Many businesses have restriction on which cards can be accepted.  At LucentPay, we offer merchants the ability to accept debit card ‘only’ payments. In cases where a merchant can only accept certain cards, we offer BIN blocking to restrict any type of card.

IVR & Text


Increasing your automated payment channel offerings is one of the quickest ways a business can increase revenue without adding additional FTEs.



Tired of hearing your gateway can't do something? Need tokenization, a customized report, or the ability to mitigate risk by allowing multiple banks to process in the same gateway?  Our options can help with all the above and much more.


Collections Agencies - CBD - Healthcare - Auto Finance - Property Management and many more...


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High Risk Merchant Accounts


Law Firms


Utility & Energy Companies


Non Profits


Property Management




Travel Merchant Accounts


Integrated Partners

Earthco - Ontario Systems - Latitude - FICO (CR Software) - Quantrax

Applied Innovations - USAePay - NMI - Authorize.Net and many more…

about us

LucentPay is a full-service payment processor revolutionizing merchant services by providing best-in-breed payment solutions. The leaders in integrated fee-enabled processing and creators of the No-Cost-to-Biller™ solution which focuses on eliminating processing costs in a compliant manner. We're excited to simplify payments through our full suite of solutions, PCI Level 1 technology, next day funding, software, education, and community. LucentPay also offers competitive pricing for standard payment processing through a number of great banking relationships to mitigate risk, next-day funding, and comprehensive payment acceptance (Visa,MC, Discover, AMEX, HSA/ Flex Cards, Etc.)

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Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder


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Chief Compliance Officer & Co-Founder

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Chief Financial Officer


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Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder


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Director of Implementations & Co-Founder

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