Break Through the ARM Payment Processing Noise: Three Questions to Evaluate Your Vendor

It’s true, there are a lot of “us” out there, crowding exhibit halls and vying for your business. It’s become a major opportunity in our industry as payment vendors are starting to see traction from agencies ready to move on from the major providers that lost focus and frankly, interest, in serving our industry.  

Opportunity is always a great thing on the vendor side of our industry, but is it great for agencies?  We think so. From our firsthand experience we see that some payment processing companies are getting in your way – providing marked-up technologies, dated legal and compliance guidance, and single-threaded perspective in consumer preferences.  

If you suspect your payment processing vendor could be doing more for you, here are three questions to ask when evaluating today’s shifting payment landscape:


1. Is my provider ARM industry focused?


Every vendor will claim to have ARM industry expertise, but what about focus?  There are many opportunities for payment processing companies to expand to new industries and a successful, growing payment vendor is usually a good thing – unless their ARM association starts to dwindle.  If you’ve seen that their focus is heavily weighted on new industries, even though our industry is fueling their profit, you can bet ARM isn’t at the center of their focus.


2. Is my provider agile and responsive to my needs?  


ARM companies have no shortage of obstacles – from new compliance considerations to case law to margin pressure. Your payment vendor should feel like a partner on this course helping you navigate and maximize profitability every step of the way.  Payment processing is an incredibly effective tool to adjust and see immediate benefit to your bottom-line. Look for an agile business, where new features and ideas can be considered right away, and your input is valuable in driving product strategy.


3. Does my provider have depth of experience with multichannel and virtual payment trends?


Consumer preferences continue to change, and it’s no secret our industry has struggled to keep up.  Between online payments and virtual agents, your payment partner should consult and support your payment channels.  Also, ask your payment provider where they are getting the technology to power the virtual experience – is the technology built and owned by them?  Or are they using another company’s tech and marking it up to sell to you? In the latter case, expect strained support, long cycles waiting for requested enhancements to take place, and little internal expertise on the technology.  

As a general practice, we always suggest exploring your vendor options regularly to determine where your profitability can improve just by establishing with a new partner.  

If you’d like to learn more about our approach to ARM payment processing or receive a courtesy analysis on your potential profit gain in working with us, email us at

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Michael McDonnell