LucentPay helps merchants increase revenue without adding agent shifts with it’s comprehensive Virtual Collector!

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Have you ever thought “How can I increase collections with my current amount of agents”? There might be a few different solutions to answer that question, but the simplest and most effective would be to implement an online web portal that uses advanced logic for payment plan arrangements and self-cure debt settlement solutions.

LucentPay is proud to be a single source solution for all your merchant processing services and web-based payment portals. Our payment portal doesn’t rely on third parties to provide our customers web payments.

“Dealing with multiple vendors and managing multiple project timelines was something we want to help our customers avoid,” shared Rob Kennedy, founder and president of LucentPay.  “To that end, we made the investment to bring mature and time-tested technology inhouse to benefit all of our customer,” added Kennedy.

Our technology is used by more than 500 ARM companies to help facilitate collecting of payments via credit card, debit card, FSA/HAS and ACH transactions. We have designed our sites to be very intuitive and are easy to use for the consumer, has greater adoption rates, and has increased “self-service” cure rates.  Our platform’s advanced technology provides payment plans and settlement programs configured to meet the specific business rules as defined by you.  Our sites also support both conventional payment processing and LucentPay’s No-Cost-To-Biller™ solution.  

Besides the fact that LucentPay offers significant savings on your merchant processing costs, we also offer one of the most highly adopted “Virtual Collector” web payment portals in the ARM industry absolutely FREE to qualifying agencies. The “other guys” want to charge you upwards of $5,000 for this technology!

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Ken Schneider